Teaching Background

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1967 Hannah studied Fine Art for four years with a Fine art degree, with distinctions in drawing and painting. She now lives in Ascot, Berkshire with her family and has done so for the last thirteen and a half years.

She spent a year studying draftsmanship and shading, with model freestyle coursework and exploration in various techniques and mediums. She then completed various jobs including graphics, picture framing and photography.

She also taught Fine Art and History of Art for school grade years 3, 6, 7 and 8 and ran an independent art school for nine years in South Africa for ages four up to adults, with an independent individualistic approach as the main focus.

Artistic Approach

Hannah’s approach to teaching independently has always been that each person is a unique being, with a unique approach and style of expression, to be explored and nurtured. Her favoured techniques are oil on canvas and pencil sketches, with her predominant subject matter being Romantic Classical scenes of Europe.

Hannah has sold various art pieces and held exhibitions in galleries in South Africa and the UK. She has worked creating various commission artworks in oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas and pencil sketches.

All Hannah’s artworks are original ‘one-offs’. There are no two identical copies; each painting or drawing is a unique piece from photos she has taken (with the exception of commission works, where the subject reference material is often provided).

Subject Matter

Her subject matter ranges from harbour scenes and landscapes to quaint windows with pot plants on side walk street cafes. Also she enjoys pencil portraiture, mostly of children but also of adults and pets.

Hannah likes to create a peaceful, tranquil setting. She believes art is a form of personal outlet, a gift – to be given to the eyes of the beholder.

All of her art is a simple statement of simplicity and beauty to be enjoyed. Hannah is versatile, having worked with acrylics, watercolour, oil pastels, chalk pastels, lead and graphite pencils, rollerball black ink pens, and oil on canvas.

Although Hannah has been commissioned for three dimensional art pieces (ranging in mediums such as wire mesh, plaster of Paris, polystyrene and paper mâché) she prefers working on two dimensional subject themes. Her preferred medium is oil on canvas and pencil on acid free sketch paper.

Other Interests

Other favoured past times are reading and reflecting on the greatness of the Creator of the created. Her goals in life are to aspire to the fulfilment of herself that she believes is within her, as she believes is within all of mankind.

Hannah enjoys different cultures. Walking in old cities in various countries, taking photos to capture the mood and feeling. She then uses the reference material to create a painting which captures the mood on canvas. To her it is a great way to express a moment and keep it in time.