Oil Paintings

021 Brown Doors And Pink Flowers


Oil on canvas unframed


305mm x 405mm


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About this piece…

Pattern is expressed in the colouring of the door, in varying shades of browns, with hints of cherry reds, and warm orange browns. Combined together with individual rectangular shapes, one within the other, which when viewed together become a whole.

In order to contrast and soften the central theme of the solid wooden doors, soft brushstrokes are used to the left of the wall, and gentle shadowed areas to the right of the door. Furthermore the delicate leaves and pink petals soften the whole, and create an interesting frame around the door.

The octagonal shaped pot in the front left corner, leads ones eye into the painting, which then crosses over the lower step towards the second softer, less obvious painted pot to the right of the painting, which then draws ones eye upward, and across the top of the door towards the left corner, where the pink flowers frame the top of the canvas. In this we see a sense of movement in the otherwise still composition.