Oil Paintings

062 Expressive Doors


Oil on canvas, unframed


39cm × 49cm


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About this piece…

Using various shades of yellow ochres, warm browns, dark browns, lemon yellows, of whites, and whites a wonderful expression of pattern is displayed across the painting as a whole. The dynamic effects of line, and movement in the curved shapes of the two iron patterned railings over both doors furthermore brings pattern as a main theme to the composition as a whole. On close observation paint is thickly applied in an impasto effect of squares and rectangles showing pattern within each rectangle, and within each square as the shape is repeated in linear expression, creating an almost abstract feel of shapes within shapes. Using various tints and tones of colour, an expression of dynamic painterly dashes and linear strokes of warm colouring becomes alive and bold in effect, which comes into a literal whole when observed from a slight distance.