Oil Paintings

040 Depth Stairs


Oil on canvas, unframed


760mm x 1m 220mm


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About this piece…

In this painting earthy tones of varying shades of browns are used. Dark browns, muted pinks and whites, and off white, create wonderful dramatic contrasts. To the left of the painting the light reflection dramatically fades the brick work, leading ones eye into the painting. This dramatic light is again picked up further along the wall to the left of the painting, creating wonderful pattern effects.

The steps lead ones eye into the depth of the painting. Each step is expressed with a strong horizontal dark solid thick line, which emphasises each step and the depth of the painting, as each step gets closer towards the depth of the painting leaning off towards the right side of the painting underneath the arch. The steps also create a further wonderful suggestion of pattern effect as the positive and negative horizontal lines, which look like stripes with lighter tinted shades of brown ochres between. This further creates an interesting contrast with the vertical line to the left and to the right of the brick walls, and further emphasised by the vertical repeated in the front arch.

Combined with the depth and pattern using light and dark effects, texture is also dramatically used with fast moving brush marks. Also of interest in this painting are the little built up areas suggested central to each step. On reflection perhaps this was there in order for a wheelbarrow to easily move up and down the stairs.

The thin vertical shape of the canvas that I chose, helps create the mood and effect of almost being able to walk right into the painting, and into the depth of the canvas under the arch.

Finally the muted tones of pinks of the arch to the right of the painting, create a wonderful contrast to the dramatic darks and lights depicted, also subtly picked up in the wall to the right, and the steps beneath, creating a sense of unity expressed in colour.