Oil Paintings

042 English Country Sailing


Oil on canvas unframed


450mm x 350mm


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About this piece…

This beautiful fresh painting creates a still quiet effect with the stark white boats contrasted to the flat calm blue greys of the water. The distant mountains are suggested in darker blue greys, with subtle hints of dark greens blended at the waters edge. The grey black boat house in the background is balanced by the large predominantly green tree to the left of the painting, where hints of fresh olive greens are suggested. These same fresh olive greens are furthermore suggested in the foreground to the left front area of the painting. Wonderful shadow reflections in the water are suggested in subtle fresh yellow, and soft mustard ochres in the foreground, creating a gentle visual effect, which furthermore contrasts dramatically with the flat mustard ochres of the turning pathway to the left of the painting.

The small pink tug boat in the foreground left side of the painting creates an interesting contrast painted in fresh pink and white pinks, also the lovely fresh lemon yellows and warm yellows, with fresh pale blues on the boats along the left side of the painting, create a wonderful contrast of fresh colour, and suggestion of depth with the use of fresh colour. The negative shape of sky, contrasts beautifully with the vast space of the water, creating an interesting compositional dynamic of spatial setting.