Oil Paintings

063 Italian Street


Oil on canvas, unframed


2m 21cm x 91cm


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About this piece…

The dramatic composition of tall warm colourful buildings to the sides of the wide pathway, create a wonderful composition of dynamic depth perspective. The flat sky emphasises an interesting negative shape, while the textural pathway emphasises pattern in loose thick impasto horizontal brush strokes. Contrasted to this expression are the tall bold buildings predominantly seen from the right side of the painting, creating strong linear pattern, leading ones eye towards the farthest point. The dabs and dashes of thick fast moving brush strokes expression of leaves to the left of the painting, break the starkness of the composition, and create balance with the figure walking along the pathway, being predominantly the dominant image to the painting as a whole.

The beautiful colouring of varying tones of rich peach, ochre oranges, ochre warm deep yellows, ochre soft browns, of whites, whites dark browns, and cream tones, create further pattern as each colour becomes a shape of colour in its own right, before a literal shape of a building, one next to the other.

Attention to fine detail in the window shutters is expressed in repetitive short lines, and the lamps have been intricately depicted. This too suggests a further interesting expression of depth and pattern within the composition.