007 Farm House Landscape


Pencil on paper, Aluminium frame


A3 size


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About this piece…

This drawing was inspired by the simple quiet of the farm lands up north in Scotland. The simplicity enhances the mood of the peace and tranquility which is exactly the atmosphere of this area. In the foreground the pattern of brickwork creates simple shapes, of wonderful pattern, which off-set the stark architectural shapes of the building behind. The stone wall moves ones eye from the right towards the brick wall across towards the left, and back into the picture again by the distant brick wall to the left behind the house. The small suggestion of a further farmhouse in the right hand corner creates another suggestion to the simplicity of the drawing, with soft lines, subtly implied. I chose to frame this work in a simple silver aluminium frame to enhance the still, quiet simple mood.


As I worked in picture framing, I know that it is vital that a frame works with the image depicted to enhance it, rather than to detract. I felt it unnecessary to use any elaborate frame. The frame further emphasises the delicate pencil work, and the still forever tranquil feel of the setting of the farmhouse.