Oil Paintings

023 French Landscape Scene From Balcony


Oil on canvas, framed


765mm x 120mm


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About this piece…

This beautiful painting captures the wonderful view from the balcony of a beautiful quient villa in the countryside of France. The shapes of pattern used, show vast open spaces with great depth perspective. Using diamond shaped areas of pattern in the landscape to express various plots of land, with different painterly effects in varying colours. From blue greens for further areas, to fresh pinks with blue greens, to olive mutters greens with cherry red muted tones, to flat ochre orange soft flat areas to the left of the painting, creating wonderful contrasts of shapes and tonal and textural effects.

The banaster is shown in a strong linear effect, which further contrasts with the flat warm ochre browns, shown in soft tinted shades, this contrasts beautifully with the frontal left pot plant in strong warm browns and black browns. This pot plant also leads ones eye into the painting towards the lampstand which dominates the whole with its tall majestic appearance, outlined in black browns.

Finally the bold dashes of strong pinks of the flowers to the left of the painting in the pot plant contrasts strongly with the dark, yet fresh lush greens of the leaves. Again picked up boldly in the loose expression of the cherry pinks and softer pale pinks of the dashes of colour shown onto of the fresh dark greens of the leaves. This gives a spontaneous feel of colour for colour sake, which we can understand visually to be the petals of the flowers, yet on closer observation are lovely bold dashes of fresh paint in fast movement onto the canvas.


Framing of the painting is of vital importance, in order to enhance the overall effect, mood, colour, texture, and stature of the painting. I chose three frames for this painting, the inner olive green frame picks up the lovely muted olive greens in the painting, with the second inner frame being a more rustic blue green, with hints of red in, this picks up further the darker shades of greens and hints of muted cherry reds tones in the background towards the right of the painting. And finally the strong thick outer frame of wood, a wonderful earthy look, which picks up the highlighted areas throughout the painting, and keeping the open feel of the vastness of the space expressed.