Oil Paintings

064 French Windows


Oil on canvas, unframed


25cm x 20cm


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About this piece…

This little painting expresses the rich use of thick impasto paint, picking up on wonderful detail of brickwork and window shutters. The predominant colouring is warm ochre shades of soft peach, warm yellow, soft warm browns, rich red browns, of whites, soft greys and strong fresh whites. The strong linear effect of the shutters create an interesting pattern of stripe effect, using dark and lights. Thick fresh white paint in varying shades is used to express the pulled back curtains at the windows. The interesting two triangular dark shapes to the left and to the right of each window, emphasise the curtains painterly bold effect.

Rich cherry red dashes are used to bring further energy and life into the painting, by adding a further exciting dynamic to the expression of the composition in paint. The fresh soft pink of the flowers on the window ledge furthermore create an interesting contrast to the predominantly warm strong colouring of the whole. Energy is emphasised in this painting by the fast brush marks used, which contrasts with the slow controlled linear definition of the window frames, being the central theme of the painting.