Oil Paintings

033 Greek Village Depth


Oil on canvas, framed


700mm x 900mm


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About this piece…

The emphasis expressed in this painting is dramatic depth with beautiful shadow contrast with light. Using the composition of the tables and chairs in perspective, a wonderful effect of depth with pattern is created. The strong vertical shapes of the doors to the right of the painting create a further emphasis to depth and pattern. The strong angled black brown shape, beneath the two lamps to the right of the painting, create a further dramatic contrast to the emphasis on strong verticals in the composition.

The vine tree softens the vertical shapes to the right of the painting, and is balanced by the intricate pattern of the greens and soft pinks of the leaves and flowers on the top left side of the painting. This beautiful expression of leaves and flowers softens the painting as a whole, and is further suggested in the background in pastel tints.

The shadowed areas express interesting negative and positive effects, yet to dramatically help draw ones eye into the depth of the composition.


I chose three frames to enhance the overall effect of the mood of the painting. The inner frame is a bevelled white, which emphasis the dramatic light in the painting. The second inner is a warm olive green flat frame, which picks up the wonderful varying greens of the leaves. I chose a thick warm earthy red brown for the outer frame to enhance the pattern effect of the tables and chairs showing depth, and to enhance the overall dramatic effect of the composition.