Oil Paintings

022 Green Door And Side Lamp


Oil on canvas, unframed


305mm x 405mm


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About this piece…

The blue green door central in the painting is depicted as a strong bold shape. Using thick impasto linier expression of line, rather than flat bock like shapes, the door becomes alive through the technique used. The ochre soft yellow browns with cream of whites create a wonderful pattern of brickwork, and also a lovely contrast to the tonal blue greens of the door. The green plants and leaves to the right of the painting embrace the edges of the painting and frame the right hand side of the painting, which again helps soften the contrast of the strong door shape.

Using thick impasto fast moving brush strokes above the door brings another dimension to depth perspective in the painting. And finally the cherry reds and soft cherry pinks to the left of the painting depicted in the flowers with dab and dash technique, give a wonderful further contrast to the whole, as a complimentary colour to the green tints and tones used, and by the delicate brush marks used.

In order to keep further movement in the painting the pink petals are softly shown as falling onto the brick stairs on the bottom left hand side, further subtly framing the whole.