Oil Paintings

056 Large Archway Landscape


Oil on canvas, framed


1m 215mm x 965mm


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About this piece…

This bold large painting emphasises depth perspective in a landscape scene, with texture and dramatic contrasting shapes expressed. Thick impasto techniques are used to emphasise the dry grass to the right of the painting, with thick painterly varying tones of warm greens behind to show the trees. Opposite to the left of the painting the brickwork is meticulously detailed in shades of warm red browns, deep dark browns, varying shades of yellow ochres, and varying shades of olive greens. The brickwork is therefore seen to create wonderful pattern of small square shapes one next to the other, using dashes of paint of varying tones. This is further dramatically contrasted to the still flat of the white sky above, and the solid, yet intricate linear effect of the black iron fence beneath. The bright red dabs and dashes of rich red flowers contrast beautifully with the warm red browns used on the brick wall behind. The green plants between the flat stone rocks to the left of the painting brings ones eye further into the depth of the painting. Which is further contrasted with the larger flatter horizontal shapes of the textured rocks beneath.


Strong contrast of the whole is therefore strongly evident, being picked up again by the strength of the frames I chose. A thin off-white inner frame, with a thick dark brown outer frame, picks up the dramatic contrasts, and emphasises the boldness of the composition as a whole.