Oil Paintings

005 Old City Jerusalem


Oil on canvas with inner and outer frames


155mm x 900mm


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About this piece…

This painting is taken from a photo that I took in a very well known area of the Old City in the Jewish Courter in Jerusalem, which leads up to the remains of the Temple wall, considered a very holy sight. Many tourists flock to this area, and I was therefore grateful to get a photo with no one around at the time.

Around the curved wall, which is echoed to the right, a curved pathway leads ones eye into the painting. This is further emphasised by the rounded light fittings, expressing a greater sense of depth in the painting. Shadows of dark and light help show the time of day with dramatic contrasts, yet creating wonderful pattern effects.


The inner frame emphasises the subtle hint of the olive greens in the painting, and the strong outer frame of light gold suggests that the viewer could be looking at this scene through a window.

As I worked in picture framing I know how important the frame is to the painting in order to enhance the mood, colour, effect, texture, of the painting.