Oil Paintings

006 Outside The Market At Provence


Oil on canvas, double sunken frame


910mm x 695mm


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About this piece…

Depth is created by the movement of the curved pathway which narrows towards the distance. This is furthermore picked up by the large stones that follow around the path getting less obvious as they get smaller and less predominant in colour further into the distance. Further distance is created in the bay where vertical linea masts of the boats create a delicate light pattern effect.

The large tree in the forefront is balanced by the distant ochre-orange triangular small shapes in the roof tops to the left of the painting.


The sunken inner white frame helps to soften the busy features, textures, and colours of the painting, and the outer frame pics up the beautiful blue greys of the painting. Having worked in picture framing I understand the frame to be a part of the whole of the painting and needs to enhance the overall mood, expression, texture, and colour of the whole.