Oil Paintings

020 Park Bench


Oil on canvas, unframed


305mm x 255mm


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About this piece…

Using thick impasto impressionistic techniques a varied expression of greens are suggested in the foreground, and background of the painting. Using dark blue greens, ochre greens, strong muddy olive greens, pale blue greens, and flickers of off whites and soft blue greys, this is offset by the cherry red and soft cherry pink of the figure on the bench. In order to balance this strong complimentary contrast of colour, the dark brown blacks of the linier horizontal wooden beams of the park bench with the vertical lines of the tree trunks in the foreground and toward the tree trunk to the left background, balance the whole leaving a pleasing and calming effect as a whole.

The thin linier effect of the little railing draws ones eye in and around the painting, furthermore picking up the pattern effect of black brown liner expression of the wood of the park bench, which contrasts to the still black brown shape of the figure to the right of the park bench.

The two figures suggest a restful reflective mood of quiet and calm.