Oil Paintings

024 Portugal Quiet Scene


Oil on canvas, framed


450mm x 830mm


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About this piece…

The emphasis in this painting is to create an effect of tones of white freshness with perspective on a still quiet afternoon. The whites used are off whites in gey blues, yellow blues, dirty pink tints, and brown whites. Using these shades predominantly as an overall effect. Contrasted to this effect is the strong canopy on the left of the painting, depicted in strong greys, and grey whites.

The bright red flowers to the left, off set the otherwise fairly stoic architecture of vertical linear expression depicting depth perspective. This is further balanced by the dash of warm ochre on the right hand corner of the painting, with a further dash of mint green above. Also further balancing the red flowers is the strong green leaves shown behind the flat wall, painted on a thick dab and dash technique, thus balancing the whole.


The framing that I chose for this painting helps to express more vividly the effect of strength compositionally. Using a bevelled white inner, ones eye is led directly into the painting. The second inner is a thick blue green flat wood frame with hints of red in, in order to pick up the reds of the flowers to the left of the painting, and suggestions of red linear brush marks to the right of the painting in the doorways, and just beneath the rooftops on the right also. And finally the strong thick white flat outer wooden frame, furthermore enhances the freshness of the white of the overall effect of the painting, and also emphasising the beautiful pattern of white and tonally muted varying shades of colours expressed.