Oil Paintings

009 Provence Baguette


Oil on canvas, double framed


500mm x 390mm


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About this piece…

In this painting I used warm Autumn tones to create an exciting effect with textural brush marks creating pattern effect. I also used hints of red and orange to draw the eye of the viewer in and around the canvas, thus creating subtle movement. The slightly turned head towards the right of the figure with the bike, softens the painting by creating a reflective impression. Pattern and texture is created by the loose, yet carefully considered, brush strokes of the street. Perspective is depicted to create depth in the painting with a strong angled vertical line on the pavement, and a curved linear effect on the left corner of the painting, leading ones eye into the painting.


I chose two flat wooden frames for this painting. Having worked in picture framing I know that it is a vital element to the completion of the painting as a whole. The inner and outer frames are flat solid wood, with the inner being thicker than the outer. The two frames pick up the colours in the painting beautifully enhancing the warmth and peaceful feel to the whole, The simplicity of the frames do not to detract from the detail in the painting, yet rather help to create a sense of calm and balance.