Oil Paintings

015 Quaint Window Provence


Oil on canvas, framed


600mm x 480mm


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About this piece…

The main emphasis of colour in this painting is pink, with a contrast of dark browns and patterned effects of blue greys. The simplicity of the image creates its beauty, with delicate suggestion of shadows in the curtains behind the window frames, with strong vertical and horizontal lines creating the cross bars in the window frames. The suggestion of depth in the foreground, leads ones eye into the painting, creates a further contrast with the flatness of the soft pink and white wall behind. The patterns that the shadows on the wall creates, suggests the time of day. Painted in soft brown-pinks, flow gently across the wall. The pot plants are painted in reds, pinks, strong pinks, and warm orange pinks with green leaves, give a delicate intricate acknowledgement to detail, which contrasts with the large expanses of flat still areas suggested in off white and soft pinks of the wall.


The sunken white inner frame gives further depth to the painting, and contrasts sharply with the outer frame of grey blues. I chose this colouring of the outer frame as it picks up the lovely soft blue greys of the shadows of the wall to the right of the painting creating unity. The overall effect of the framing creates a wonderful open effect of still freshness, with a restful calm.