Oil Paintings

053 Sailing Boats on Provincial Shore


Oil on canvas, unframed


390mm x 290mm


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About this piece…

The Bay Area in Provence has a wonderful beauty which I have picked up in this painting by the composition of a reverse c shape to the right of the painting. This c shape draws ones eye into the painting from the front, towards the right and upwards and across towards the left of the painting, unifying the whole. The sailing boat to the left of the painting balances this strong c shape of the rocks, and picks up the same tonal shades of colour used to the right of the painting, being soft ochres, off whites, and black browns of the mast. By using mustard yellows with dark and light ochre browns, wonderful interesting patterns of colour and shape are expressed furthermore on the rocks in the foreground of the painting, with thick impasto painterly brush marks suggestive of texture.

The sea effect of little ripples of waves contrasts beautifully with the rocks, as the farthest mountain areas painted in deep blue greens, and fresh mint greens, create a further wonderful contrast to the composition as a whole.

The sky painted in soft blue with off whites blended together, creates a flat calm effect and balances tonally with the soft blues and off whites of the sea. The weight of the painting is balanced further by the sailing boat to the left of the painting, which balances the weight of the rocks to the right.