Oil Paintings



Oil on canvas, framed


450mm x 545mm


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About this piece…

The strength of this painting is the clear cut edges of the two figures shown. This feature is enhanced by the sharp red angled pole to the right of the composition, and the dramatic angle of the brick wall which tilts upward towards the right of the painting, creating a further dynamic shape, in contrast to the patterned blocks of the brick work beneath. The patterned brickwork picks up the ochre tones and tints of the soldiers uniforms, with a subtle brick wall of soft off whites suggested behind. Balance is created in this painting by the suggestion of texture in varying shades of greens in the right hand top corner of the painting. The green of these trees, and the placement of these trees create a further interesting compositional tension to the two soldiers beneath.


I chose to frame this painting in a strong red and brown frame, which has one solid dark black brown thin inner line between the two separate colours of this frame, in order to emphasise the dramatic subject matter and composition chosen for this painting.