Oil Paintings

052 South Africa Light Reflections


Oil on canvas, framed


845mm x 650mm


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About this piece…

The emphasis in this painting is on the reflections in the water. Soft gentle small ripples move across the water, however the overall effect is still and calm. The painting is a simple theme which is expressed in two sections. The top areas of varying shades of greens, with soft of whites and light browns suggestive of the green trees and leaves. The branches hang from above and create interesting compositional shapes of positive and negative areas in the flat white sky area. These branches draw ones eye downwards towards the water. Wonderful expression of shadows are expressed in the blended areas of the water, picking up the solid shapes on the waters edge. The small loose brush marks of the grass in the left bottom corner of the painting balances the weight of the darker tones to the right of the painting.


I chose a thick simple white fame with a subtle texture in it, this enhances the open calm feel of the painting and the mood of the composition expressed in paint. The frame therefore become a part of the painting, emphasising the light open feel of the soft brushwork expressed.