Oil Paintings

025 South African Windmill Landscape


Oil on canvas, framed


405mm x 275mm


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About this piece…

This painting shows the magnificent landscape feel of South Africa, with rich warm red browns of the earth depicted, in varying tints and tones with pattern effect. I chose red browns and subtle blue greens and fresh blues, and hints of yellow ochres, inorder to complement the whole. The dry effect is picked up in the foreground with various curved movements, dabs and dashes of thick impasto paint techniques, contrasted with the grassy areas in lime greens and olive greens, with some fresh mint greens suggested further to the left of the painting.

The windmill features strongly as a central theme, yet is balanced by the warm brown earthy expression to the left bottom corner of the painting, and further balanced by the dark grey blues in the middle right of the painting, in the second area of the painting. The farthest mountains in the distance, are expressed in a paler, yet obvious fresh blue, which is silhouetted by the light pale blue white of the sky.


I chose to framing for this painting with three distinct frames, each enhancing the overall effect of the whole. The inner being the thinnest frame of the three, picks up the colours of the distant landscape. The middle frame of white is angled inwards, leading ones eye into the painting. The white frame also picks up the silhouetted mountains by the pale whites of the sky line behind, therefore keeping the whole fresh. The outer frame is a warm red brown, which I then added some brush mark effect over, in order to enhance the effect of texture and movement.