011 Stylised Venice Scene


Pencil on paper, Aluminium framed


A3 size


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About this piece…

This drawing was taken from a side street scene in Venice. I decided to cut up the pieces of the composition to create a collage effect, yet still maintaining a sense of the whole composition. An almost abstract impression is suggested, yet maintaining a literal interpretation as a whole expression is maintained.

With areas added, and others only in linear suggestion, I created contrast with shaded areas of depth and pattern, as seen in the stairs and side liner effect of the banister to the right of the drawing. Pattern being the main theme, a visual contrast of positive and negative shapes emerge dramatically, with further interesting linear expression in the diamond grid in the window above, in the brick detail beneath, and curved block like shapes of the banister to the left of the drawing.


I framed this painting in a simple matt thin silver frame, so as not to detract from the detail expressed.