Oil Paintings

016 Tranquil Street Scene In France


Oil on canvas, framed


40mm x 850mm


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About this piece…

In this painting each shape balances with the other. The lamp to the left top corner under the archway balances the weight of the steps below and the buildings central to the right of the painting. Every aspect of line work in the painting is suggestive of pattern, as seen in the repetition of the long elongated windows to the left of the painting, and the vertical long windows to the right of the painting. Included also are the vertical lines with rounded arches. From the forefront strong line of the wall of the arch, on the left of the painting, to the strong line of the wall next to that, and the wall further into the depth of the painting, all creating depth and linear pattern.

The strong frontal arch creates an interesting visual, with the contrast of the central umbrella and canopy on top. The farthest flat wall painted in off whites and pale blue greys is softened by the pattern of repeated vertical windows and small balconies one beneath the other. The contrasting colours of the strong warm brown of the arch, and cold blue browns of the shadowed wall opposite are further expressed by the cold blue greys used to express the ground.


The framing that I chose further enhances the painting with a warm thin inner cream frame, and a strong blue grey thick shiny outer frame, creating an overall effect with emphasis further on vertical line, and dramatic contrast of colour, which unites the painting as a whole. The subtle shimmer of gold in the outer frame also picks up the warm soft yellow golds on the wall to the left of the painting, which also captures the lighting of the day.