Oil Paintings

018 Venice Bridge


Oil on canvas, unframed


205mm x 253mm


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About this piece…

This small painting is beautifully painted in thick impasto effect. Each brush stroke has an energy of its own. The brickwork is rich in mustard yellows, whites, and cherry reds. The brick wall under the bridge is painted in more muted tones of grey blues, ochre greys and whites, giving the effect of distance. Shape is carefully considered. The ochre triangle in the left corner of the painting is picked up in the bridge pattern to the left and to the right of the bridge. A further suggestion of triangular shape is suggested in the water beneath the arch. Flatter block like shapes of the walls of the buildings above the bridge create a wonderful contrast to the patterned railing beneath, which further more creates an interesting strong curved line taking ones eye out or into the painting, creating yet another strong triangle facing outward to the right of the painting. The delicate suggestion of curved pattern in the railing, gives a wonderful contrast to the thick impasto painterly effects used in the rest of the painting.