Oil Paintings

045 Venice Brown Doors


Oil on canvas, unframed


395mm x 600mm


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About this piece…

The beautiful composition of the brown doors is offset by the wonderful use of dramatic pattern through shaded areas of dramatic light effect. The strong white inner vertical highlife line on the inner right of the door and thinner line on the outer left of the door frame, further emphasises the contrast of dark and light effect. Using flat soft lemon yellows and soft ochres around the arch, further creates a wonderful pattern effect, together with the fan shaped iron grid above the door, also emphasising the light and dark effect of the time of day expressed.

The textured sponged dappled effect of soft greys and soft ochre yellows and peach tones of the wall create the effect of further textural contrast. The pot plants almost step out of the canvas, giving a three dimensional effect to the left of the door. These rounded bulging pots are painted in strong curved lines of flat peach and warm ochre browns with fresh white and off whites.

The variety of greens used for the leaves give a wonderful complimentary effect to the ochre orange fresh flat peach tones, together with the dappled red flowers. The delicate yet defined line work around the arch in stronger greys also create a further three dimensional effect, together with the pots to the left of the door, create lovely diagonals of shadows towards the right, and across the door.

Balance is further expressed in composition by the white square shape to the right of the door, and the small black brown shape beneath, with the dark black brown shadowed area at the ground level also to the right of the painting, expressing further depth, and dramatic lighting contrasts.