Oil Paintings

027 Venice Canal Scene


Oil on canvas, unframed


610mm x 765mm


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About this piece…

Venice is one of my favoured places, with dramatic postcard scenes virtually wherever you look. This painting has a wonderful depth to it, as I used a strong composition of dramatic depth with use of strong vertical lines. The bridge creates a wonderful contrast to the strong features of vertical shaded windows on the walls of the buildings. An oriental theme of architectural decor is used with beautiful window framed archways. The delicate red, and warm orange yellows of the dotted brush technique for the flowers, express a wonderful contrast, and keep the painting very fresh and energetic in appearance. The white boats beneath the bridge give a unique contrast to the rest of the technique used. Being boldly painted in flat white shapes, which contrast furthermore with the pattern expressed in the water of blue greys, blue blacks, and suggestions of washes of soft cherry red, picked up more dramatically to the right of the painting beneath the stairs. Soft off whites in pinks, soft ochre yellows, and soft blue greys are used for the walls and shadowed areas, furthermore creating contrasted use of pattern and soft blended textural effect.