Oil Paintings

030 Venice Gondola


Oil on canvas, unframed


405mm x 605mm


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About this piece…

In this painting three dramatic colours are predominantly used. The walls being painted in textured ochre oranges, the gondola in dramatic cobalt blue, and the embankment float in a violet purple. These three colours together express the dramatic emphasis on the boldness of the Venice theme. Also the blue greys of the water creates a further interesting fourth colour, yet slightly more muted in tone effect.

White, off whites are used to create a wonderful pattern at the top left hand side of the painting, emphasising repetition of arches and balcony.

Most dramatic of all is the sharp point of the gondola which tips upwards, in contrast to the horizontal block behind of the embankment float, which points outward towards the left. Archways behind draw ones eye upwards, and across towards the right of the painting, therefore creating movement as ones eye travels across the composition.

The vertical wooden poles in the water brake the starkness of the solid shapes. Vertical and horizontal lines are strongly emphasised expressing linear pattern which is repeated throughout, with a strong dramatic effect overall being expressed.