Oil Paintings

048 Venice Textured Pastel Reflections


Oil on canvas, unframed


610mm x 765mm


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About this piece…

This painting is predominantly about colour and texture of paint on a surface, rather than realistic tight compositional literal realism. A strong impasto effect of thick lush paint dominates the surface of the canvas, being expressed across the entire painting. No flat simple areas are evident, yet rather a colourful suggestion of varying tints and tones of soft pink ochres, warm soft brown ochres, red browns, dark browns, whites, and of whites being suggested. This contrasts dramatically with the deep olive greens with grey greens, greys, blue greys, whites, fresh green blues, and strong mint greens of the water beneath. Reflection of light is suggested in the water, creating further pattern, which is further suggested in the white dabs and dashes in the leaves on the trees. Cherry red on the right side of the painting, helps create balance, together with the top left side, painted in darker tones.

Pattern is further suggested compositionally by the repetition of the windows repeated one next to the other in three rows across the wall.