Oil Paintings

026 Venice Window And Brick Wall


Oil on canvas, unframed


300mm x 415mm


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About this piece…

This painting of Venice is an expression of pattern and colour with an effect suggestive of continuity. The brick work is expressed in dashes of browns and pinks, with warm mustard yellows in the top half of the painting. Stronger more congested detailed areas are expressed to the left and right bottom areas of the painting, where brickwork is expressed in more controlled tight little rectangular tones of varying shades of ochre pinks and ochre orange tones, and dashes of black brown loose suggestive pattern marks. The square shape of the bars to the left of the painting, contrasts with the diamond shaped bars to the right of the painting, yet further contrasts to the fan shaped iron bars above the door. The wonderful effect creates dynamic contrasting pattern over the whole. The blue green of the water further creates a beautiful effect of wear and tear on the surface of the brickwork from the lapping of the water at the waters edge. The little pot plants on the windows ledge central to the painting, create a further interesting visual effect in their painted dappled effect of warm greens and warm olive greens in order to express the leaves. Thus contrasting beautifully with the peach oranges and warm ochre browns surrounding.